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Cossack combat whip do it yourself

The well-known whip has another name - wolf cub. The origin of this name is associated with the purpose of this weapon for hunting wolves and foxes. The hunt was carried out on horseback, which determined the length of the wolf, i.e. Nagayki - about one meter. The shock part of the whip is made heavier, and the handle is rigid.

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Do-it-yourself krabolovka: how to make a krabolovka?

Someone considers crab fishing as fishing, and someone as hunting. Crab is caught in the sea when the period allowed for this begins. In addition to a clearly defined fishing period, the rules of the fishing itself should be observed: you can not catch females and small crabs with a width of less than 10 cm in shell. A device for catching a crab is called a crab trap.

Taiga knife: types and characteristics

Outdoor activities, whether fishing, hunting or just going to the forest, can never do without a good knife. It can be useful when setting up a tent, and when preparing a delicious dinner at the stake. A taiga knife is a serious type of weapon that is suitable for any purpose, including hunting. Not surprisingly, it was named after a region with very harsh conditions.

How to determine the latitude and longitude of your location

A system of geographical coordinates is necessary in order to accurately determine the location of an object on the surface of the Earth. As you know, this system consists of geographical latitude and longitude. The first element of this system is the angle between the local zenith (noon) and the equatorial plane, representing a value from 0 to 90 degrees to the west or east of the equatorial boundary.

Squirrel tracks

Despite the secrecy of its lifestyle, the typical forest dweller, the squirrel, leaves many traces in both summer and winter. The squirrel hunt is carried out mainly with the help of husky squirrel, as well as traps and airplanes. In all cases, the hunter must be able to distinguish its tracks in the snow or on damp ground.

How to cook delicious mushrooms at the stake?

Mushrooms cooked at the stake have excellent taste and smoke-rich aroma. They can simply be boiled with potatoes in a pot or fried on the grill. Marinade gives a special taste to mushrooms. You can cook it in various ways. What is the best way to marinate and fry mushrooms at the stake?

What is an eternal match and how to use it

The equipment of many fishermen, hunters, mushroom pickers and tourists has an eternal match. Simple and reliable, it will help to make a fire in the most extreme situation, when fire is the only way to survive. How it works It is important that the key ring “eternal match” has the simplest possible principle of operation.

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Which fish likes the smell of garlic?

Fishing can be arbitrarily called a separate world. It has its own laws and regulations, compliance with which will lead to a rich catch, and failure to do so will leave you with nothing. The addition of aromatic additives to the bait and bait, and in particular garlic, helps to activate the bite and keep the fish in a well-fed place.

The 9 most popular types of dry fly flies

Knitting dry flies for fly fishing is increasingly gaining popularity. With their help, fishing becomes a gamble. Imitation of adult insects and bright colors on the water surface looks spectacular and this, of course, fish notice. Such flies are kept afloat due to the wings and tail, so during mating, these parts of the fly should be given special attention.

Bird Tracks: Useful Information for the Beginner Naturalist

Imprints of feathered limbs from pokon centuries are important information not only in the process of hunting, but also in the study of their habits. Traces of birds in the snow are the most convenient material because they retain the most accurate print. At first glance, their analysis may seem like a simple procedure, but it's not so simple.

How to insulate a tent

The arrival of winter with its subzero temperatures, piercing winds and prickly breezes does not at all mean that outings should be delayed until next summer. Of course, most people prefer to sit peacefully in warm apartments, but there are those who are not at all afraid of -20 on a thermometer. They are engaged in the preparation of winter fishing tackle, pick up warm clothes and shoes, and apply maximum ingenuity in such matters as tent warming.

First aid for drowning

In the summer, especially in the scorching heat, most people tend to spend time near ponds. And none of them is safe from an accident on the water, threatening drowning. This can occur for various reasons: carelessness in the water, a sudden deterioration in well-being, the occurrence of seizures of the lower extremities, and so on.

DIY sundial

When traveling, it is sometimes necessary to navigate the sun, for which you need to know the approximate time. If there is no watch with a dial, you can make a sundial with your own hands. In addition to practical value, this design will be an excellent decoration of the garden. In addition, the manufacture of a solar time determinant will be a fascinating activity for children to monitor the movement of the sun and find out the time of day.

13 indispensable things for outdoor recreation

In the summer, one sometimes wants to break away from the bustle of the city and get out into the countryside, with barbecue and overnight. Is it just worth taking with you to be 100% ready for a weekend trip? Folding barbecue or grill. Among the most important items, a barbecue or grill stands in one of the most important places.

How to build a needle

An igloo is a domed hut built of snow. Where there is no forest, this building is able to save winter nights from the cold. And if it is built in the forest, it is able to survive the whole winter thanks to its strength. The height of the igloo is usually one human height, and the diameter depends on the number of people who stayed for the night.

How to wash a tourist backpack?

A real travel backpack is not easy to wash, because the choice of washing depends on several components. What is important is the type of material from which it is made, additional devices and functions. Often a tourist backpack is equipped with a variety of pockets, items. Not all of them are machine washable or hand washable.

How is first aid for a broken arm?

A broken arm is the most common accident that can occur both at home, and on vacation, in nature. No one is safe from this event, especially children. Therefore, it is very important for each person to know the basics of first aid in case of a broken arm, in order to help themselves and others in an emergency before going to the doctor.

How to make an ax

An ax is just as necessary a tool in the household during a camping trip or hunting as a knife. It is not always possible to take it if you plan to hike lightly, but in this case there are various varieties of this tool. On how to make an ax out of wood, metal, tourist, hunting, you can find out more.

What kind of firewood is suitable for smoking

The taste of smoked meat, fish or chicken is largely dependent on the species of wood that is consumed in the preparation of products. Therefore, it is important to choose the right wood material and create all the conditions for its storage. What is the best way to use firewood for smoking and how to prepare them yourself?